One Wild Life Podcast with Abbie Barnes

#1 Introducing the One Wild Life Podcast

Episode Summary

In this introduction episode to the One Wild Life podcast Abbie Barnes shares her motivation behind the new project and how she intends on speaking with guests from all around the world to find out how they live their best lives.

Episode Notes

Hey everyone, welcome to the One Wild Life Podcast with me, Abbie Barnes!

deep breath...

We've made it! This podcast has been a long time in the making, but finally we are up and running. I am a hiker come filmmaker come personal trainer come business owner, and now officially the host of The  One Wild Life Podcast!

This show is designed to be a show about life and therefore it has no boundaries. I'll be covering a wide range of topics with guests from all around the world, although initially these topics will likely be linked to personal interests of mine, such as the outdoors, hiking, and expeditions, mental health and physical wellbeing, environmental conservation, and spirituality. But as I mentioned above, there are no boundaries, and each guest will bring their own stories and opinions. 

No matter the subject though, I really hope that each episode leaves you feeling inspired, empowered, educated, and uplifted, as myself and my guest explore how we can all grow the confidence to live our best lives everyday.

Season One of the podcast will see episodes uploaded every other week, starting on Monday 11th January 2021.

Find out more about the show by visiting Spend More Time In The WILD.